Ron Baldwin – Sales & Logistics Manager

Meet Ron Baldwin, a third-generation Montanan with deep roots in Missoula and a rich history in the hardwood industry. Ron’s journey began in high school, working at a local hardware store. Displaying exemplary dedication, he swiftly climbed the ranks to a managerial position before transitioning to the hardwood sector.

Ron’s expertise is built on a foundation of hands-on experience with Buckeye Hardwoods. Starting part-time, he quickly transitioned into a full-time role, mastering every facet of the company. His roles ranged from driver to millwork specialist, warehousing, and shipping, before transitioning into a front-office role focusing on sales and logistics. This wide array of experience, paired with comprehensive training in wood floor finishing and hardwood floor inspection, equips Ron with unique insights into the industry.

His expertise is not limited to professional endeavors. Ron expanded his understanding of the construction industry while building his own home from scratch, mentored by his father-in-law, Hank. He has also undertaken multiple extensive remodeling projects, further honing his skills.

Since October 2017, Ron has been serving as the Sales & Logistics Manager at Bison Hardwoods. When he’s not engaged in providing top-notch hardwood solutions, Ron enjoys his tranquil mountain home in western Montana, with his wife, Christine, and their three children. An avid outdoorsman, Ron is passing on his love for Montana’s natural beauty and outdoor adventures to his children.

Whether you’re a homeowner with plans to build, a contractor, or a flooring specialist, Ron’s vast experience and unique insights make him an invaluable resource for all your hardwood needs.

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