Ron Baldwin – Sales & Logistics Manager

Ron Baldwin is a third generation Montanan who was born and raised in Missoula, Montana.  He went to work for a hardware store during high school, continued working there after high school and worked his way up to management before moving into the hardwood industry.  After working part-time for several years for Buckeye Hardwoods doing special projects on his days off, Ron went to work full time for the company.  He worked in nearly every position of the company, from driver, to millworks, to warehousing and shipping, before moving into the front office in a sales and logistical position.  Ron’s education also includes attending multiple trainings on wood floor finishing and inspection of hardwood floors.  Ron learned much of the construction industry while building his own house from start to finish alongside his father-in-law, Hank, as well as working on several other extensive remodeling projects.

Ron moved into the Sales & Logistics Manager position at Bison Hardwoods in October 2017.  Ron has made his home in the mountains in western Montana with his wife, Christine and their three children.  He is raising his children to love the outdoors and enjoy Montana life as much as he does.