Bison Hardwood

Revamping the Flooring Landscape: The Evolution from Buckeye to Bison Hardwood

The history of Bison Hardwood

Bison Hardwood’s journey began as Buckeye Hardwoods in the 1980s. The venture started as a western distribution channel for a small lumber mill located in eastern Ohio. The business took a decisive turn when a devastating fire destroyed a neighboring kiln, storing a substantial portion of Buckeye’s inventory. This led Hank and his partner to design a kiln of their own, bridging a critical gap in the market for premium, well-dried hardwood products in the west. They identified an opportunity – the lack of a custom millwork facility in Montana to cater to the needs of regional customers.

Under Hank’s leadership, Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Co built an impeccable reputation as a flooring and molding mill. The company stood out for its ability to produce unique, custom products with unmatched precision and craftsmanship. Buckeye’s clientele ranged from high-profile business executives and Hollywood A-listers to local Montanans, each valuing the company’s unwavering commitment to quality.

In 2017, Buckeye Hardwood embarked on a new chapter, merging with the Flooring Distribution Group (FDG) and rebranding as Bison Hardwood. This move preserved the quality and excellence synonymous with Buckeye, while broadening distribution capabilities and enhancing networking opportunities. The FDG family includes Cascade Pacific Flooring Distributors, Denver Hardwood, Lockwood Flooring, NGF Distributors, and Rio Grande Flooring Distributors, along with Bison Hardwood.

As Bison Hardwood, we uphold the same standards of expertise and quality that Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber Co was known for. We continue to deliver the best hardwood solutions, befitting our legacy and satisfying the demands of our diverse customer base. Whether you’re an everyday homeowner or a professional contractor, Bison Hardwood remains your trusted partner for exceptional flooring products.

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